20 Years 20 Beers

A lot can happen in 20 years. To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, your friends at Tandem Marketing Design have curated a selection of micro beers from two of the industry’s best: Calgary’s Tool Shed Brewery and Arrowhead Brewery in Invermere, British Columbia. Inter-provincial bootlegging aside, our beer gallery offers smooth drinking ales that both the seasoned beer drinking snob and the wine club will enjoy.

To craft the identities of our signature brews, we drew on 20 years of experiences, insights and observations. The wellspring, as you can imagine, is deep. So whether you’re a millennial in your 20s, or a baby boomer looking back at lost time, we’ve got a selection that will appeal to you and offer a sneak-peek into some of the neighbourhood characters of Calgary’s Mission district (Tandem’s global headquarters).  So sit back, take a gulp, and enjoy!

Why cans, you ask? Is a bottle the marque container of a great beer? Nope. Bottles let in ultraviolet light, dummy, and tamper with the beer’s flavours. Why do you think Coronas are topped with a lime; that’s right, the acid stifles the skunky taste.* Great beer is canned to protect the taste and flavours. And it’s poured into a glass. So respect the craft!

*Hey, we still like Coronas too.


102, 1822 - 2 ST SW
Calgary, AB T2S 1R9