Whether it’s a logo update, a set of wordmarks to communicate product hierarchy, or a moniker for a third party endorsement, Tandem provides leadership, craftsmanship and service to solve your identity challenges. We also believe that one of the best ways to convey that brand identity is through a beautiful piece of print marketing. What’s that you say? Print is dead? We beg to differ. In a world that’s oversaturated with online communication, a unique print piece stands out above the rest. Digital presses keep getting better. Direct mail is viable and targeted. And many audiences prefer the printed word. Tandem draws on its studio and design pedigree for brilliant brand programs that leverage a wide range of tools for successful outcomes – whether you live in a digital or a print world.

Arcadius Capital Partners


Your company’s identities should complement its values, culture and products like these ones for Fresnel Software. The company is named after Louis Fresnel - Louis invented a lens that exponentially improved the distance a lighthouse could project its light – and its signature product, Vitruvi, drew its name from Rome’s first architect, Marcus Vitruvius.

GrainsConnect Canada

An Australian publicly traded agricultural corporation links its global capabilities to a Canadian audience.

GrainsConnect Logo Sketches by Tandem Design

Tuscan Rise


Corporate Suite

Many companies require a suite of logos and wordmarks to represent the myriad components of their business. Remington Development is a case in point with identities that capture B2B industrial offerings, as well as consumer oriented products.

The Gates

An exceptional illustration not only defines the project’s signature identity but also the lifestyle within it.

The Gates logo sketches


Custom production values highlight the luxury design of these boutique townhomes in Quarry Park.


Creative development, or advertising, is the distillation of multiple messages into a simple and compelling image. An ad is the grandfather of creative development but in today’s rapid fire world of communication opportunity, a great piece of creative can find a home on many avenues: as a traditional silk-screened poster, re-packaged for social media, or your website’s landing page. Regardless of context, Tandem’s creative development (ads) is and are produced with an eye to your brand, your unique advantages and your corporate reality. 



Sustainable messaging to a corporate audience on the merits of recycling. Memorable and engaging. (We know, we’re good.)

Elevator ads for GWL by Tandem

Forever Green



The Quarters


CWD Windows and Doors

Trade journal advertising, retail posters and consumer home renovation magazines and websites.




Click to play.


Branded environments, marketing environments, promotion? Essentially, the places where your brand is showcased, and the tangible ways of interacting with the brand. This could be a showroom, a sales or design centre, or a memorable promotion product. The stuff that goes into these environments is dependent on your brand and the opportunities around it. It could be point of sale, murals, or even interactive experiences for your customers and prospects. It also might touch on your staff and a set of protocols for them. Environments are all about bringing the brand to life in a physical way. See, now you know.


Multiple perspectives effectively capture the corporation’s breadth and diversity.

Accordion plaque left view Accordion plaque front view Accordion plaque right view


More than a century old, this engraving was created by the great and first Western artist and poet, C.M. Russell. Tandem enjoyed the enviable assignment of using engraving printing techniques to bring it back to life.

Plaque engraving


Three layers of solid ply walnut and ash, complete with dozens of precision laser cut holes, form an iconic bull, most visible from a distant.

Bull wood art installation Bull wood art installation


Enlivening discussions around internal priorities and behaviours at Parkland Fuel.

Brand Development

Brand development implies different things for different companies. For some, it’s an advertising strategy but for others, it’s a logo. In this curated collection of ‘brand development,’ Tandem suggests it’s a suite of tactics adept at the heavy lifting. Presentations, proposals and the broader arena of information design (a fancy way of saying complex data as visuals) are underrated and overlooked brand development tools. If there’s ever a place to make your company stand out and get noticed it’s the proposal. Make your presentations look like the winner your company actually is. Stop it with the schlocky bindery and gross cerlox coil. They do not inspire confidence. Get your brand development tools right. Refine the recipe and start delivering consistent and professional offerings.


Profile pieces that educate with striking imagery and design.

GrainsConnect Canada

Communicating the complexity of a grain terminal and emerging Western Canadian supply chain through technical illustrations and succinct copy points. We’re thinking your program could use some of this too!


MindFuel, formerly the Alberta Science Foundation

Creative for the Foundation’s Annual Report and other communication programs.

Mind Fuel annual report sketches and ideas Mind Fuel Annual Report finished product Mind Fuel Annual Report

Arcadius Capital Partners

The firm’s signature information packages provide a complete suite of data on past and current accomplishments.

Remington Development Corporation

Mapping, plans and other presentations form a tangible and rationale case for prospects seeking solutions to office and facility challenges.

Barley 2 Beer

An innovative program to educate audiences on barley and its global importance in the beer making industry. This program is best enjoyed over an ice-cold hefeweizen.

Barley 2 Beer Program Design by Tandem Marketing Barley 2 Beer Program Design by Tandem Marketing Barley 2 Beer Program Design by Tandem Marketing

Bentall Kennedy

What better way to improve responsible recycling and property management than a complete system of related information. Not only is the final design solution focused on the task, but it also advances the company’s brand.

Bentall Kennedy Information Design for Recycling Program Bentall Kennedy Information Design for Recycling Program


Rather than an extensive and verbose case study, Tandem’s visual cues promote an easy read of statistical material.


Appreciating clients. Recognizing employees. Or helping to motivate those important prospects. Promotional campaigns are important marketing levers that too often are dumped in the baskets of 'cheap' and 'default.' Tandem's promotional campaigns are custom developed for your audience. Messaging is memorable and on-brand. The outcome will reflect a company that is intelligent and prepared to go the extra mile.

Holiday Promotional Programs

If your company is stuck in the mediocrity of dried-fruit baskets, pens and reindeer email messages, it’s time for a review of your client recognition programs. Tandem’s Holiday 2017 programs are memorable, original and run the gamut from craft beer to custom wrapped soup cans. A new year is coming with fresh opportunities to impress your prospects and customers. Take advantage with Tandem.

20 Years

A lot can happen in 20 years. To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, your friends at Tandem Marketing Design have curated a selection of micro beers from two of the industry’s best: Calgary’s Tool Shed Brewery and Arrowhead Brewery in Invermere, British Columbia. Inter-provincial bootlegging aside, our beer gallery offers smooth drinking ales that both the seasoned beer drinking snob and the wine club will enjoy.

Remington Development Corporation – Remington Crocker

A seasonal gifting program complete with cookbook, cookie cutters, cookie mix and more!

Remington Crocker logo - complete with chef's hat Remington Crocker box in all it's glory - showing all the treats inside Remington Crocker opened up to reveal cookbook, cookie cutters and cake mixes

Tandem Marketing Design - Gruesome Twosomes

Halloween masks for Tandem’s network, complete with costume tips.

Naheed Nenshi and Alison Redford masks Gruesome Twosomes book cover Inside the Gruesome Twosomes book

Tandem Marketing Design - Tandembaum

Tandem goes arts and crafts with a smart, LED lit, table top Christmas tree.

O' Tandembaum - The finished product, a table top Christmas tree lit up

Win A Trip

The Great Canadian Getaway, a corporate contest from QuadReal. 

TransCanada Pipelines – Light bulb

Company messaging and promotion product in one memorable package.

TransCanada Pipelines Lightbulb packaging

The World Wide Web

You are thinking WordPress. Or Drupal. Or another technology that some blog said defined successful web programs. We have been in business for nearly 20 years and never should a piece of software or technology define your marketing program, electronic or other. What you really need is a compelling story. A set of messages or photographs or illustrations or sounds or maps or video that makes someone say, ‘that is interesting, I like their approach.’ This is done through memorable design and intelligent programming, through collaboration with clients, and through an understanding of technology and how it can benefit your business. A site from Tandem radiates from your brand and the opportunity to communicate with customers and prospects. Tandem’s sites; they just feel different.


Engaging software.

Arcadius Capital Partners

A Private Equity Firm.

Enright Capital

Prudent investing, realistic expectations, successful outcomes.

Enright Capital Partners Website by Tandem Marketing Enright Capital Partners Website by Tandem Marketing Design


A suite of web programs for Remington Development Corporation.

Remington Corporation Website developed by Tandem Marketing Design. Remington Corporate website with built-in CMS and updatable by the client. Developed by Tandem Marketing Design. The Quarry Park website developed by Tandem Marketing

GrainsConnect Canada

Connecting Growers to the World.


See Things Differently. 

Ground Cubed

Creatively curious landscape architects.

Ground Cubed website developed by Tandem Marketing Ground Cubed website developed by Tandem Marketing


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