Whether it is a logo update, a set of wordmarks to communicate product hierarchy, or a moniker for a third party endorsement, Tandem provides leadership, craftsmanship and service to solve your identity challenges.

Western Canadian Place

 A subtle play on Canada’s maple leaf defines this distinctive composition.

Western Canadian Place logo brainstorming sketches

Arcadius Capital Partners

Arcadia or Arcadius is a vision of nature, pastoral.

Preliminary Arcadius Capital Partners logo sketches Preliminary Arcadius Capital Partners logo sketches

Reach Hire

A design double entendre, if you will. Reach and Hire sharing one H or claiming their own.

Reach Hire preliminary logo sketches

Brand Briefs - A financially prudent marketing overview of the organization’s new online entity, Reach Hire, a career recruitment site.

CCVO Reach Hire Brand Briefs Design by Tandem Marketing

The Gates

An exceptional illustration not only defines the project’s signature identity but also the lifestyle within it.

The Gates Illustration The Gates logo sketches

Chop (Moxie's Restaurant Group)

A subtle echo to the restaurant’s notable beef cuts; yet light, modern and approachable.

Valour Park Luxury Residences

A World War II military icon forms the basis of this memorable ‘mark.’

Valour Park logo preliminary sketches and brainstorming

GrainsConnect Canada

An Australian publicly traded agricultural corporation links its global capabilities to a Canadian audience.

GrainsConnect Logo sketches GrainsConnect Logo sketches

Mark's Work Wearhouse

Corporate Style Guide - A corporate style guide for Mark’s proprietary brands – Dakota, WindRiver and Denver Hayes - included brand personas, mechanical specifications and other information for the corporation’s marketing and merchandising teams.

Mark's Styleguide

Workshops - Brand centric workshops brought multi-disciplinary teams together for discussion, sharing and planning on brand assets, seasonal programs, brand libraries and more.

Mark's Workshops Mark's Workshops

Audits - Reviews and reporting on past and current brand activity inform new plans and benchmarks for future campaigns.

Mark's audits - Brand Selector Guides

Seasonal Strategies - Effective planning is only effective with timely action. Seasonal programs helped extend and amplify Mark’s brand attributes during critical selling seasons.

Mark's Seasonal Strategies Mark's Seasonal Strategies


Creative development: the distillation of multiple messages into a simple and compelling image. An ad is the grandfather of creative development but in today’s rapid fire world of communication opportunity, a great piece of creative can find a home on many avenues. As a traditional silk-screened poster, re-packaged for social media, or your website’s landing page. Regardless of context, Tandem’s creative development is produced with an eye to your brand, your unique advantages and your corporate reality. 


Click to play.

Print & Online Ads

An approachable content strategy combined with geo-targeted ad campaigns put this brand precisely where it was needed.

MindFuel, formerly the Alberta Science Foundation

Creative for the Foundation’s Annual Report and other communication programs.

Mind Fuel annual report sketches and ideas Mind Fuel Annual Report finished product Mind Fuel Annual Report Mind Fuel Annual Report Mind Fuel Annual Report

CWD Windows and Doors

Trade journal advertising, retail posters and consumer home renovation magazines and websites.

CWD Windows and Doors trade journal/magazine advertising


Consumer magazine and newspaper advertising and direct mail.

Remington Champagne Ads - magazine, newspaper and direct mail pieces Remington Champagne Ads - magazine, newspaper and direct mail pieces

Certified Management Accountants (Alberta)

Consumer magazine and newspaper advertising.

Certified Management Accountants magazine and newspaper ads Certified Management Accountants magazine and newspaper ads


Trade journal and online advertising.

MillarForan trade journal and online ads

Tarpon Energy Services

Creative executions for the company’s events and seasonal greetings.

Tarpon Energy Services - company event invites and seasonal greetings

Lafarge Canada

Trade journal advertising to amplify the company’s market position: Bringing Materials to Life.

Lafarge Canada advertising Lafarge Canada advertising


Sustainability is an important value of major corporations these days, and a playful recycling campaign can make the process memorable for users.

Oxford - Be aware. Recycle with Care by Tandem Marketing. Oxford - Be aware. Recycle with Care by Tandem Marketing.

Artis Reit

Thought-provoking creative with inspirational copy. We dig deep on recycling campaigns so you don’t have to.


Science just sets itself up for so many good puns – but we couldn’t resist using the Periodic Table of Elements.

Bow Valley Square

What better way to promote corporate gift cards than attractive people enjoying the benefits of those gift cards. So simple but never as easy to execute as you think. That’s why you should use Tandem!

Bow Valley Square Advertising - Food Court Bow Valley Square Advertising - Shopping

Gulf Canada Square

Sustainable messaging to a corporate audience on the merits of recycling. Memorable and engaging. (We know, we’re good.)

Gulf Canada Square Advertising - Recycling Guld Canada Square Advertising Placement - Recycling

Branded Environments

At Tandem, we also call the marketing environment the branded environment. Essentially, the places where your brand is showcased. This could be a showroom or a retail storefront or even a sales or design centre. The stuff that goes into these environments is dependent on your brand and the opportunities around it. It could be point of sale, murals, or even interactive experiences for your customers and prospects. It also might touch on your staff and a set of protocols for them. Bringing the brand to life in a physical environment. See, now you know.


Multiple perspectives effectively capture the corporation’s breadth and diversity.

Accordion plaque left view Accordion plaque front view Accordion plaque right view Accordion plaque by Tandem Accordion plaque front view Accordion plaque right view


More than a century old, this engraving was created by the great and first Western artist and poet, C.M. Russell. Tandem enjoyed the enviable assignment of using engraving printing techniques to bring it back to life.

Plaque engraving


A boardroom area benefits from a glass wall installation and imagery that echoes the firm’s primary business activities.

Glass art installation by Tandem


This installation has a more linear connection between the images printed on its metal frames and the core business of the firm.

Metal art installations

Wall Covering

Walls – Your new office art budget is now your latest brand installation. Leverage your brand assets for your office environment and impress both customers and employees.


Activate spaces with sales oriented messaging.

Watermark Tower hoarding Watermark Tower hoarding


Three layers of solid ply walnut and ash, complete with dozens of precision laser cut holes, form an iconic bull, most visible from a distant.

Bull wood art installation Bull wood art installation


Stunning imagery can be applied on any surface including this application on vinyl.

Vinyl art installation - Do It Over print Vinyl art installation - Do It Over print


How tough is it to create a memorable promotion product and really make your client or prospect say ‘Impressive!’ It’s very tough. That is why so many companies default to the standard promotion products. But really, how many more key chains and pens does the corporate world need? That’s why you’re better off going big (or going home). Anything worth doing is worth doing right, right? Take a look at these custom created promotion products. They can be as simple as a tag affixed to a non-logoed hat (see, not everything needs a logo) or as complex as a custom developed cookbook complete with gifts. Either way, your promotion products budget needs some evaluation. Your first stop is Tandem for a discussion on maximizing your investment and impressing your network.

20 Years 20 Beers

A lot can happen in 20 years. To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, your friends at Tandem Marketing Design have curated a selection of micro beers from two of the industry’s best: Calgary’s Tool Shed Brewery and Arrowhead Brewery in Invermere, British Columbia. Inter-provincial bootlegging aside, our beer gallery offers smooth drinking ales that both the seasoned beer drinking snob and the wine club will enjoy.

Remington Development Corporation – Remington Crocker

A seasonal gifting program complete with cookbook, cookie cutters, cookie mix and more!

Remington Crocker logo - complete with chef's hat Remington Crocker box in all it's glory - showing all the treats inside Remington Crocker opened up to reveal cookbook, cookie cutters and cake mixes

Tandem Marketing Design - Gruesome Twosomes

Halloween masks for Tandem’s network, complete with costume tips.

Naheed Nenshi and Alison Redford masks Gruesome Twosomes book cover Inside the Gruesome Twosomes book Gruesome Twosomes printing process - behind the scenes Gruesome Twosomes printing process - behind the scenes

TransCanada Pipelines – Strengthening Ties

A waterproof case and rope provide interactive experiences for conference attendees at a mountain lodge and coastal resort.

TransCanada Pipelines Strengthening Ties promotion comes with a water proof case and booklet

Tandem Marketing Design - Toddweiser

A custom brew from Wild Rose Brewery for the company’s annual Christmas gift campaign.

Toddweiser beer logo Toddweiser - Prince of Ales Toddweiser beer bottles

Tandem Marketing Design - Tandembaum

Tandem goes arts and crafts with a smart, LED lit, table top Christmas tree.

O' Tandembaum - The finished product, a table top Christmas tree lit up

Tandem Marketing Design - Office Party in a Bag

Office Party in a Bag promo booklet cover by Tandem Marketing Design Office Party in a Bag promo booklet by Tandem Marketing Design Office Party in a Bag promo booklet by Tandem Marketing Design Office Party in a Bag promo booklet by Tandem Marketing Design Office Party in a bag promo by Tandem Marketing Design Office Party in a bag promo by Tandem Marketing Design

TransCanada Pipelines – Light bulb

Company messaging and promotion product in one memorable package.

TransCanada Pipelines Lightbulb packaging

Information Design

Presentations, proposals and the broader arena of information design (the design industry’s fancy way of saying complex information and data as visuals) are underrated and overlooked branding tools. If there’s ever a place to make your company stand out and get noticed it’s the proposal. Your ‘pitch’ program needs to be second to none. The sales team deserves it and your prospects do too. Make your presentations look like the winner your company actually is. Stop it with the schlocky bindery and gross cerlox coil. They do not inspire confidence. Brand your proposals, your presentations and your company data with the same commitment level that has made you a successful business. Get the ingredients, refine the recipe and start delivering consistent and professional offerings.


Communicating the complexity of a grain terminal and emerging Western Canadian supply chain through technical illustrations and succinct copy points. We’re thinking your program could use some of this too!

Arcadius Capital Partners

The firm’s signature information packages provide a complete suite of data on past and current accomplishments.

Arcadius Capital Partners Information Design package Arcadius Capital Partners Information Design package

Remington Development Corporation

Mapping, plans and other presentations form a tangible and rationale case for prospects seeking solutions to office and facility challenges.

Information Design for Remington Quarry Park Information Design for Remington

Barley 2 Beer

An innovative program to educate audiences on barley and its global importance in the beer making industry. This program is best enjoyed over an ice-cold hefeweizen.

Barley 2 Beer Program Design by Tandem Marketing Barley 2 Beer Program Design by Tandem Marketing Barley 2 Beer Program Design by Tandem Marketing

Oxford Properties

Way finding programs can be taken to the page (or PDF); below, a comprehensive summary of a property’s parking assets creates a convenient experience for tenants and guests. 

Maps for Oxford by Tandem

Bentall Kennedy

What better way to improve responsible recycling and property management than a complete system of related information. Not only is the final design solution focused on the task, but it also advances the company’s brand.

Bentall Kennedy Information Design for Recycling Program Bentall Kennedy Information Design for Recycling Program Bentall Kennedy Information Design for Recycling Program


Rather than an extensive and verbose case study, Tandem’s visual cues promote an easy read of statistical material.

The World Wide Web

You are thinking WordPress. Or Drupal. Or another technology that some blog said defined successful web programs. We have been in business for nearly 20 years and never should a piece of software or technology define your marketing program, electronic or other. What you really need is a compelling story. A set of messages or photographs or illustrations or sounds or maps or video that makes someone say, ‘that is interesting, I like their approach.’ This is done through memorable design and intelligent programming, through collaboration with clients, and through an understanding of technology and how it can benefit your business. A site from Tandem radiates from your brand and the opportunity to communicate with customers and prospects. Tandem’s sites; they just feel different.

Quarry Park

A thriving community in Southeast Calgary.

Quarry Park Community Website by Tandem Quarry Park Community Website by Tandem Quarry Park Community Website tablet responsive by Tandem Quarry Park Community Website mobile responsive by Tandem Quarry Park Community Website by Tandem


Creatively curious landscape architects.

Ground 3 Website by Tandem Marketing Design Ground 3 Website by Tandem Marketing Design Ground 3 Website by Tandem Marketing Design Ground 3 Website by Tandem Marketing Design

Arcadius Capital Partners

A Private Equity Firm.

Arcadius Capital Partners website - desktop Arcadius Capital Partners website - mobile and responsive


See Things Differently. 

Empire Custom Homes

Western Canada’s premier custom home builder.

Empire Custom Homes website on desktop

Empire Instagram

Empire Custom Homes instagram on iPad Empire Custom Homes instagram on iPad and mobile phone

Plastic Surgery Centre and Professional Skin Care

Making you as beautiful as you can be.

Plastic Surgery Centre website on desktop Plastic Surgery Centre website on laptop

Verus Partners

A North American Commercial Development Firm.

Verus Partners website on desktop Verus Partners website on iPad and mobile

Corporate Design

Print has mostly been kicked to the curb by the marketing industry. Why print something when you can put it online, right? One simple answer: we’re inundated with electronic communication. Another answer? We’ll have to talk before we tell you that. But seriously, print is not dead. Digital presses keep getting better. Direct mail is viable and targeted. And many audiences prefer the printed word. Either as a complement to their electronic information, as a stand-alone piece, or as a novelty. Unlike mostly digital and electronic agencies who have no experience with print, or large ad agencies who ‘dial it in’ with template driven programs, Tandem draws on its studio and design pedigree for brilliant print programs that leverage a wide range of tools for successful outcomes.


Polished, professional, a stand-out. Production values like the foil on these presentation covers speaks to the value a firm places on its client relationships.


A personal touch can make the difference in employee recruitment and retention. And print is an effective marketing tactic to make those touches.

Folders, Kits, Products

Make a prospect take notice with a professional print package - folders and product collateral. Amplify your logo, showcase the complete suite of your benefits, and capture your corporate value.

Remington Development Corporation print package Remington Development Corporation Corporate Profile Remington Development Corporation print package Remington Development Corporation Quarry Park print package Remington Development Corporation Quarry Park print package

Brand Assets

If your brand assets (i.e. Photographs, illustrations, renderings, logos, etc.) are sitting buried in a pdf on your website consider a print program with Tandem. We’ll show you the way for those assets to be front and centre with your prospect.


Successful print programs can be defined by more than just a signature profile. Tandem develops its programs cost effectively, with multiple pieces for different applications.

Valour Park Profile cover by Tandem Marketing Valour Park Profile Valour Park townhomes profiles


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