Welcome to Tandem; a creative boutique based in Calgary. We're gurus of advertising, design, digital and branding strategy. Perhaps you've heard about our work and have a need for our expertise. Perhaps you're simply entranced by the alluring chartreuse glow of this page and just can't bring yourself to click away. Whatever the case, you've found the right place. As for finding a “right fit,” here's a little bit about how we work…and a little bit about how we don't. Clients approach Tandem with 3 challenges that typically sound like this:

“We want to develop a unique brand that reflects our products, services, people and history.”
"We want to uncover the most effective strategies for implementing this brand.”
“We want to bring the brand to life.”

No problem. For over 17 years, Tandem has employed a range of tools, insight and creativity to help clients execute such challenges. Unlike some firms who offer a patent-pending 'A-Z' process, Tandem customizes its approach to a client's unique starting point. It all begins with a strict adherence to our time-honoured marketing mantra…sung heartily by Tandem team members at the top of each business day:

We help businesses build great brands
We make organizations more appealing to customers, employees & stakeholders
We believe in craftsmanship
We give organizations a professional edge, and position them uniquely in their industry
We help our clients make intelligent marketing investments

This is who we are; an agile team of inspired thinkers and so-so vocalists motivated by results and relationships. Who we are not is a traditional ad agency. We don't answer RFPs, but send us one and we'll invite you over to talk. We don't pitch speculative creative or cold call because our time is devoted to the clients who invest in us. No dog. No pony. Just a great show. We're also not concerned with chasing marquee accounts or amassing awards. Success to us is earning and retaining the trust of the companies on our roster, many of whom have been with Tandem for more than a decade. If you like the cut of our jib, give us a call or send us an email. In the meantime, enjoy this curated exhibit of our work and thanks for stopping by.

Tandem: Design. Advertising. Interactive.